Wednesday, April 25, 2007



"the Capoeira is one ritmica fight, an art with the spirit of a child and the experience of a old." Which elements of the Capoeira have common roots?
The instruments, the song, the traditions., insomma all. How they are influenced mutual?
The berimbau it is the head, inasmuch as the Capoeira is a ritmica fight and must follow its rhythm. The other instruments are its sudditi ones that they support it and they support it harmoniously. The roda they are the arms that are born from the rhythm and it is involved to us in one I embrace to times warm, to times cold. The song that it leave from the solista is the spirit. The answer of the persons who compose the Roda is the vital energy to all that that can happen to the inside of it. The traditions indicate us the road to follow, the way to behave... etc...
Which are the factors of existence of the capoeira?
Social human and Thing distinguishes the Capoeira from a mere exercise? the Capoeira can be used like an exercise, but a mere exercise cannot be used like Capoeira.
It can be spoken about capoeira like art alive, in continuous change?
Sure!! First practicing of Capoeira they had other obbiettivi R-with regard to the use of this art and in order to continue in their obbiettivo they have had to mask it with their dances, then in the years and in the various political periods of our history it has been seen and used of an other way still, assuming the most various formulation it is in the way to make that of I use the necessity second. Trouble to the Capoeira and the Capoeira therefore was not watches this example: Child before creating the Capoeira dictates Regional, was practicing of the Capoeira dictates Angola, percui has been based on that one in order to succeed in to develop other movimentazione, other rhythms in the Capoeira. Today the Capoeira dictates Regional comes called from some of Contemporary Capoeira and has been added tantissimi to blows and movimentazione that Child had not idealizzato. But the Capoeira dictates Angola would not be anch' contemporary it giacchè the man who the practical one is the contemporary man?
N.B: I always say said Angola and I dictate Regional, why second me the Capoeira I have suffered an evolution beginning from Child and for me "Capoeira is Capoeira and enough" the group is a change factor? All the groups, not only those of Capoeira, are a change factor. The groups of friends, the colleagues of job, the society... Enough to put with of the persons who outside exit tantissimi elements that come assimilate from one or more individuals to you arrichendolo, contributing in the formation of its character, in its choice of life, the vizione of if same and of the others... Al.di.là.della rituale action of group can be spoken about capoeira? As my beloved says Mestre friend Tones Vargas "quero Sem berimbau eu nao, sem ritual nao you go to give, olha he loses or Axé camarada..." Which is the just within and limit in which the capoeira can teorizzare without that traformi in useless controversies and vain speeches? The Capoeira teorizza is lived. Which is the definition of Capoeira that you would give? "the Capoeira is one ritmica fight, an art with the spirit of a child and the experience of a old